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Yellowstone Peaks Hotel is thrilled to unveil its new boutique hotel, a luxurious Scandinavian-inspired haven located just minutes from Yellowstone National Park. Set to open its doors this Memorial Day weekend, the hotel boasts 21 bespoke cabins, meticulously crafted to provide utmost comfort and a deep connection with nature.

Owned and operated by Mara and Blake, a couple who turned their dream into reality, this family-run hotel offers a uniquely personal touch. Mara and Blake will personally oversee operations, dedicating themselves to ensuring every guest feels cared for with the kind of attention only owner-operated establishments can offer.

Constructing Yellowstone Peaks Hotel was a labor of love for the couple, who managed every aspect of its creation, from the initial concept to the final touches. Nestled in the scenic beauty of Island Park, Idaho, each cabin features Japanese soaking tubs, high vaulted ceilings, and extensive floor-to-ceiling windows that showcase the stunning surrounding landscapes.

The cabins’ interiors, designed by a celebrated Portuguese design studio, blend natural materials with sophisticated finishes, striking a balance between rustic elegance and modern luxury. The hotel’s prime location, just a short walk from the Henry’s Fork River, provides easy access to serene river activities, making it an ideal spot for fly fishing lovers and a memorable getaway for anglers of all skill levels.

Guest Billy Nelson recalls his experience: “[Mara and Blake] have truly created a gem in the heart of Idaho, and their dedication to providing a top-notch experience for guests is evident in every aspect of the hotel. The comfortable accommodations, fully stocked kitchen, and dog-friendly policy made me feel right at home, and I can’t wait to return for another stay in the future.”

Yellowstone Peaks Hotel is more than a place to stay—it’s a destination. Guests can enjoy a range of wellness activities, including a communal sauna, cold plunges, and numerous outdoor adventures like horseback riding, boat rafting, golfing, and paddleboarding. Each spacious cabin is thoughtfully constructed to offer a memorable and comfortable stay, far from the concept of tiny, prefabricated homes.

For those seeking a mix of adventure and serenity in a distinctive locale, Yellowstone Peaks Hotel promises an exceptional escape.

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