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By the end of March, Washington, DC will be awash in blush pink as the cherry blossom trees reach full bloom, casting a picturesque hue over the district. Adding to the enchanting ambiance, the four-week-long Cherry Blossom Festival promises a plethora of unique and exciting experiences, many of which are entirely free to enjoy. From captivating opening ceremonies to lively kite festivals and more, the festivities are set to delight visitors and locals alike. DC’s restaurants also join in the celebration, offering enticing themed deals on food and drinks to complement the season’s splendor. Here’s a glimpse of some of the standout events happening in March and April in DC:

  1. Ode to Japanese Culture at the Opening Ceremony
  • Date: March 23
  • The National Cherry Blossom Festival’s grand Opening Ceremony pays homage to the enduring friendship between Japan and the United States, symbolized by the gift of cherry blossom trees in 1912.In the ceremony this year, attendees will be treated to a captivating performance by the renowned New York-based composer and instrumentalist, Kaoru Watanabe, skillfully blending traditional Japanese cultural elements with modern styles. With performances by esteemed artists like choreographer Jo Kanamori and vocalist Naotaro Moriyama, the event promises to kick off the spring festivities in style.
  1. Art, Music, and Competitions During NBCF
  • Date: March 20-April 14, 2024
  • From runway shows and culinary delights to live concerts and creative competitions, the National Cherry Blossom Festival offers a vibrant celebration of spring in DC. Highlights include the Pink Tie Party, Petal Porches competition, and the lively City in Bloom festivities.
  1. Fly High at the Blossom Kite Festival
  • Date: March 30
  • Join kite enthusiasts of all ages at the Washington Monument Grounds for a day filled with kite-flying fun, music, and performances. Witness traditional Japanese drumming at the Sakura Taiko Fest and marvel at master kite maker Mr. Mikio Toki’s stunning creations from Japan.
  1. Petalpalooza and National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade
  • Date: April 6
  • Petalpalooza offers a day-long celebration along the Anacostia River, featuring art installations, live performances, family-friendly activities, and culminating in a dazzling fireworks display. The festival concludes with the spectacular National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade, showcasing colorful floats, marching bands, and celebrity entertainers.
  1. Attend Bloomaroo at The Wharf
  • Date: March 23
  • Head to The Wharf for Bloomaroo, a free spring extravaganza featuring cherry blossom-themed art, music, fireworks, and family-friendly fun along the waterfront. Explore shops, restaurants, and beer gardens while enjoying live entertainment and breathtaking views.
  1. Blossom-Inspired Food and Drinks
  • Throughout Spring 2024, local restaurants in Washington, DC, and surrounding areas offer cherry blossom-inspired menus as part of Cherry Picks, presented by the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington. Indulge in special offerings like the Spring Wine Fling and Afternoon Tea experiences, showcasing seasonal favorites in charming settings.

With a lineup of events celebrating the beauty of cherry blossoms and springtime in the nation’s capital, there’s no shortage of reasons to explore and indulge in the vibrant culture of Washington, DC.

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