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Saudi Arabia‘s Ministry of Hajj and Umrah warns against fake Hajj operators and stresses the need for official visas.

The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has issued a cautionary notice to potential pilgrims regarding counterfeit Hajj operators for the year 2024. The ministry stressed the necessity for a Hajj visa, which must be obtained through Saudi authorities or accredited channels.

Warnings have been issued against fake Hajj operators who frequently use social media platforms to target individuals in various countries.

In a specific acknowledgment, the ministry praised the Iraqi Supreme Authority for Hajj and Umrah for its collaboration with law enforcement agencies, which has led to the apprehension of over 25 deceptive Hajj operators.

The ministry values similar actions taken by other nations to thwart such unlawful activities. It keeps a vigilant watch on the promotion of bogus Hajj companies overseas and encourages the public to report any suspicious activities.

Emphasizing the importance of collaboration, the ministry noted that such partnerships are vital in minimizing unauthorized pilgrimages. For authentic and reliable information, it advises pilgrims to consult its official website and follow its social media outlets.

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