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Vive Polanco spearheads sales at The Ritz-Carlton Residences in Mexico City, offering opulent living at the prestigious Paseo de la Reforma.

Vive Polanco, celebrated for its mastery in the sphere of upscale real estate, takes immense pride in being the chosen sales and marketing force for the remaining exquisite homes at The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Mexico City. Nestled in the esteemed locale of Paseo de la Reforma, these dwellings represent the zenith of sophisticated city living.

Mexico City’s Skyline: A Testament to Refined Living

Occupying the lofty realms of floors 48-55, The Ritz-Carlton Residences house 64 private abodes, not merely serving as homes but offering an immersive experience in opulence and the iconic Ritz-Carlton hospitality. These elite residences afford stunning vistas of Chapultepec Park and its iconic Castle, alongside sweeping views of the city’s west and south.

These homes are a celebration of architectural brilliance and opulent features. The dual-layered glass exterior ensures optimal temperature regulation and bathes each space in natural light. The design incorporates terraces for air flow, providing a pleasant ambience throughout the year. Each residence is a harmonious fusion of aesthetics and practicality, meeting the most exacting standards of lavish living.

Of the final seven homes available, each presents a distinct lifestyle opportunity:

  1. Home 4804: 74.61 m2, priced at $1,026,051
  2. Home 4805: 98.14 m2 plus a 14.87 m2 Terrace, priced at $1,573,736
  3. Home 4904: 73.32 m2, priced at $1,009,073
  4. Home 4905: 97.37 m2 with an additional 14.92 m2 Terrace, priced at $1,571,179
  5. Home 5203: 57.96 m2, priced at $827,843
  6. Home 5306: 96.11 m2 plus a 20.92 m2 Terrace, priced at $1,616,330
  7. Home 5504: 65.18 m2, priced at $965,446

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