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Virtuoso, a premier network renowned for its luxury and unique travel experiences, has collected comprehensive insights from its cadre of travel consultants, esteemed partners, and clientele with significant wealth in Canada. This collection of data provides a glimpse into the travel behaviors of the well-off for the year 2024 and beyond, showcasing an increase in spending on leisure travel, a notable jump in cruise reservations, and a keen interest in international locales such as Costa Rica, Portugal, Japan, and Thailand.

Here’s a snapshot of the findings:

Virtuoso Gains Popularity Among Travelers

Virtuoso’s revenue from its Canadian affiliates soared to new heights in 2023, marking an increase of over 22% from the previous year.

Cruising Dominates the Scene

In 2023, Virtuoso’s sales breakdown by category for its Canadian affiliates showed that cruise vacations were most popular, a trend that is expected to continue into 2024.

  • Cruises: 48%
  • Tours: 32%
  • Destination Management Companies: 29%
  • Hotels: 6%

Year-over-Year Cruise Popularity

  • Ocean cruises saw a 48% increase
  • River cruises surged by 87%
  • Yacht or small ship cruises increased by 38%
  • Expedition cruises rose by 42%

Booking Trends Indicate Forward Planning

The average booking window extended from 92 days in 2022 to 105 days in 2023, marking a 14% increase.

Future Bookings Show Optimism, Especially for Cruises

Future bookings through Virtuoso’s Canadian affiliates are robust, showing a 16% increase in advance reservations compared to the previous year. Cruise bookings for the future are 32% higher than in 2022, surpassing the global rate of 30%.

Additional Insights from the Virtuoso 2024 Brand and Travel Trend Tracker

This exclusive study by YouGov reveals further travel tendencies:

Canadian Preferences for Leisure Travel

Canadians prioritize relaxation and disconnection as their main leisure travel motivations, followed by adventure, romance, culture, celebrations, and health and wellness.

Canadians Eager to Explore Distant Destinations

Canadian travel choices show a distinct preference for destinations like Costa Rica, Portugal, and Thailand, diverging from their American counterparts. The top emerging destinations for Canadians include:

  1. Costa Rica
  2. Japan
  3. Portugal
  4. Iceland
  5. Thailand

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