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Annually, the chill of winter, a rich heritage, and the warmth of joy merge at Festival du Voyageur, turning Winnipeg’s Whittier Park into a vibrant celebration of culture and art in the heart of winter. Recognized as the premier Francophone celebration in Western Canada, the festival welcomes over 75,000 participants, maintaining its role as a pivotal attraction for both tourists and locals. Recently, the Honourable Dan Vandal, Minister for PrairiesCan and Member of Parliament for St. Boniface – St. Vital, announced a funding boost of $99,000 to enhance the Festival du Voyageur, a cornerstone of Manitoba’s cultural heritage. This funding aims to enrich Indigenous culture, traditions, and arts, spotlighting the Voyageurs and the fur trade era. Scheduled from February 16 to 25, the festival will prominently feature Francophone, First Nations, and Métis cultures of Manitoba.

“The Festival du Voyageur stands as a testament to Manitoba’s vibrant spirit. This year, with an emphasis on Indigenous programming, we aim to elevate the experience for all attendees, reinforcing the festival’s role as a key tourism magnet for St. Boniface and a platform for community unity through the celebration of winter in our unique Manitoba way. Hé Ho!” stated the Honourable Dan Vandal.

“For over half a century, Festival du Voyageur has been a winter focal point, embracing the diverse narratives of Winnipeg – from Indigenous to Francophone communities and beyond. It symbolizes Manitoba’s cultural richness. I’m delighted to support such a significant initiative as the inaugural project in the Prairies under the Tourism Growth Program,” shared the Honourable Soraya Martinez Ferrada, Minister of Tourism and oversight of the Economic Development Agency of Canada for Quebec regions.

Breanne Lavallee Heckert, Executive Director of the Festival du Voyageur, emphasized the festival’s commitment to integrating Indigenous perspectives and honoring the profound legacy of the Indigenous Nations and Peoples of Manitoba. This dedication, bolstered by PrairiesCan’s support, promises a festival that vividly showcases Indigenous cultures, languages, and traditions.

Quick Facts:

  • The Tourism Growth Program (TGP), operated by Canada’s regional development agencies, allocates $108 million over three years to aid Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, SMEs, and non-profits in developing local tourism offerings and experiences.
  • The TGP is a part of the Federal Tourism Growth Strategy, outlining a vision for sustainable growth, investment, and stability within Canada’s tourism sector.

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