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Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) has been effective in coming up with its campaign “Beautiful by Nature,” which is instrumental in promoting sustainability. The turquoise embrace shimmers against the hues of natural life.

This recreation haven boasts pristine white sand beaches, a shimmering swimming pool, the exhilarating FlowRider attraction, and duty-free shopping, crowned with the Caribbean’s most expansive “Margaritaville” themed bar and restaurant. Yet, amidst the flourish of cruise commerce, Grand Turk retains its serene island allure, a testament to the islands’ commitment to preserving their quaint charm amid burgeoning global attention.

Dubbed “The Big South,” South Caicos reigns as the archipelago’s fishing capital, offering an array of aquatic adventures across its roughly 18 square miles. Here, anglers and explorers can indulge in bonefishing amidst the tranquil waters of Bell Sound Nature Reserve or embark on underwater explorations straight from the shore.

Travel and Tour World has had the good fortune to interview Stacy Cox, who is the CEO – Turks & Caicos Hotel and Tourism Association, at WTM. She spoke about the slogan that they endorse. She spoke about how, in addition to banning the use of dangerous substances and other elements that endanger the environment, they also encourage and mandate the use of reusable products.

Renowned dive sites like Amos’ Wall, Eagle Nest, The Arch, Shark Alley, and the island’s southern vertical wall—plunging dramatically to 7,000 feet—beckon with their underwater marvels.

West Caicos, meanwhile, serves as a sanctuary for sport fishing enthusiasts and snorkeling aficionados, revered as an underwater photography haven. A mesmerizing wall extends two miles along its western shore, presenting some of the most exquisite diving experiences in the TCI. Here, divers are greeted by kaleidoscopic wall formations and a bustling marine life.

West Caicos stands as a beacon of sustainable engagement with nature, cherished by both sport fishing aficionados and snorkeling devotees, while also claiming its fame as a sanctuary for underwater photography. This island is graced with a magnificent two-mile wall along its western shoreline, providing some of the most extraordinary diving experiences the Turks and Caicos Islands have to offer. The commitment to sustainability is evident as live-aboard dive boats anchor in these waters, not just for the exploration of the vibrant coral wall formations and the flourishing marine ecosystem, but also in a manner that respects and preserves the underwater world.

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