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Martin Lewis, the founder of, has issued a pressing alert to UK holidaymakers planning trips to Europe this summer, emphasizing the critical importance of travel insurance following a woman’s £5,000 loss due to unforeseen circumstances.

During the latest episode of his Martin Lewis Money Show Live on ITV, Lewis stressed that travel insurance serves not only during the vacation but also in scenarios preceding the trip. He urged viewers to secure coverage “immediately after booking.”

A viewer named Coco shared her ordeal of losing £5,000 for a pre-booked holiday due to medical advisories against travel amid a high-risk pregnancy. She lamented not having travel insurance, leaving her with a substantial financial loss.

In response, Lewis underscored the necessity of travel insurance, stating it safeguards against unexpected events hindering holiday plans. He recounted instances of individuals facing medical emergencies like cancer diagnosis or paralysis, emphasizing the insurance’s role in mitigating such risks.

Highlighting the consequences of not having insurance, Lewis drew an analogy, likening it to expecting refunds for a tennis racket after breaking an arm. He reiterated the importance of coverage not only during vacations but also for circumstances preventing travel, preventing travelers from being financially stranded.

Lewis advised holidaymakers to utilize comparison platforms like Compare the Market or MoneySuperMarket to explore updated travel insurance options, ensuring comprehensive coverage at competitive rates.

From the perspective of local tourism, Lewis’s warning serves as a reminder to travelers to prioritize safety and financial protection when planning holidays. Ensuring adequate insurance coverage not only safeguards individual travelers but also contributes to the overall stability of the tourism sector, fostering confidence and resilience among visitors.

This incident underscores the broader significance of travel insurance in mitigating risks and uncertainties, ultimately benefiting both travelers and the tourism industry alike.

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