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Flight 4841 is set to journey daily from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) to Tijuana International Airport (TIJ) at 11:15 a.m., returning to PHX at 2:42 p.m. It was mentioned that American Airlines will utilize Embraer 175 and Bombardier CRJ700 aircraft for these flights.

It was highlighted by PHX that while TIJ services over 40 destinations within Mexico, Phoenix stands as the sole U.S. destination connected to Tijuana. Furthermore, American Airlines has been credited by TIJ for being the pioneering U.S. airline to embark on this particular route, a development announced through an X post.

The launch of this flight route, which took place on Thursday, signifies a pivotal moment for Tijuana Airport, marking the resumption of its international connectivity. Raúl Revuelta Musalem, the CEO of Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico (GAP), underscored the group’s dedication to growth and innovation within the aviation sector. He emphasized their commitment to enhancing the travel experience for passengers.

The inaugural flight’s passengers were treated to a sampling of the iconic Caesar salad, a culinary gem originating from Tijuana and celebrating its centenary in 2024, along with regional craft beer. The welcome also featured mariachi music.

Miguel Aguíñiga Rodríguez, the Secretary of Tourism for Baja California, shared his excitement about this significant development. He remarked that the introduction of the Phoenix-Tijuana flight is a strategic move poised to boost connectivity in Baja California and fortify the region’s tourism sector.

He noted that this new air link not only broadens travel possibilities but also elevates the region’s status as a premier tourism destination. Aguíñiga Rodríguez reaffirmed the commitment to promoting tourism and enhancing the offerings for both residents and visitors, aiming to generate increased economic advantages for the community.

The establishment of this flight route between Phoenix and Tijuana is anticipated to have a substantial impact on tourism, from the initial announcement to the operational commencement and beyond. By facilitating direct connectivity between the two cities, the service is expected to attract more tourists, thereby stimulating growth in the tourism sector of Baja California.

The enhanced accessibility and the celebration of cultural heritage at the inaugural flight underscore the potential for this route to contribute significantly to the regional tourism industry, strengthening ties and encouraging economic development within the community.

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