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In the year 2023, SRQ experienced yet another record-breaking period, hosting over 4.3 million passengers at the Sarasota Bradenton International Airport. In December alone, the airport welcomed 406,113 passengers, marking a 7.5% increase from the 377,775 passengers in December 2022. The cumulative passenger activity for the 12 months ending in December 2023 reached 4,322,408, reflecting a notable 12% rise compared to the previous calendar year, which saw 3,847,606 passengers in 2022.

The remarkable growth witnessed in the last five years has been extraordinary, with 2023’s passenger count surpassing 4.3 million—an impressive 215% surge from the 2018 figures. This substantial increase translates to an additional 3 million passengers compared to the 1.3 million recorded just five years prior. Over this period, SRQ has seen an expansion in airline services, growing from 6 to 11 airlines and from 12 to 53 nonstop destinations.

Such substantial growth has posed challenges for the airport’s management, prompting strategic efforts to address evolving needs. Over the past five years, critical construction projects were completed, including tripling the size of the jet fuel storage facility, enlarging the screening checkpoint by 33%, and adding more parking lots. Ongoing projects involve constructing a new concourse with 5 extra aircraft gates, expanding the ground transportation area, and introducing new food and beverage concessions.

Looking ahead to 2024, anticipations are high for continued growth, with upcoming airline schedules projecting increased seats both inbound and outbound at SRQ. Construction on the new 5-gate terminal is expected to conclude by December, with plans to open it to the public in January 2025. This terminal will not only alleviate congestion in Concourse B but also empower airlines to broaden their flight offerings and introduce new destinations. Rick Piccolo, President and CEO of the Sarasota Bradenton International Airport, expressed confidence in the airport’s ability to navigate and capitalize on this growth.

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