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Singapore Airlines compensates Indian passengers with Rs 2 lakh ($2,400) for faulty business class seats, following a court ruling.

Ravi Gupta and his wife Anjali, from India, were awarded a compensation of approximately Rs 2 lakh ($2,000) by Singapore Airlines (SIA) after experiencing a malfunction with their business class seats. The issue, reported by the New York Post, involved having to adjust the seats manually due to a failure in the automatic reclining mechanism.

During their five-hour journey from Hyderabad to Singapore in May of the previous year, the couple endured discomfort, leading to a court ruling that SIA pay for the “mental agony and physical suffering” they suffered.

Gupta, who serves as a Director General of Police, was traveling through Singapore on a stopover to Australia. During their layover, the couple expressed their grievances and their intent to pursue legal action, as noted by NYPost.

Initially, SIA offered the couple 10,000 reward points as compensation, but the offer was rejected, prompting them to take legal action against the airline.

In a response to the Independent, SIA acknowledged the malfunction of the seat’s reclining feature and emphasized the attentiveness of their crew in addressing the couple’s needs.

For their tickets, which cost Rs 66,750 each ($800), the couple was ultimately granted $2,400 by a court in April of this year.

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