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The 1923 Prohibition Bar to open a new Las Vegas Strip location in 2024, offering private events and secret live shows at The Venetian Resort.

The 1923 Prohibition Bar is set to unveil a new outpost on the Las Vegas Strip, positioned within the prestigious Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian Resort, anticipated to launch in the latter half of 2024. This venue will cater exclusively to private gatherings throughout the weekdays, while the weekends will feature enthralling live shows. Highlighting the weekend events will be a highly secretive magic show, hosted in a concealed room, a collaboration with a renowned Las Vegas show company, details of which will be disclosed shortly.

This modern, secluded speakeasy, accessible only to those privy to covert instructions leading to its ingeniously hidden entry, promises an experience like no other.

For events ranging from corporate gatherings to private celebrations, the bar is prepared to host over 500 guests within its 6,800 square feet of adaptable space. It boasts an ambiance reminiscent of the underground speakeasies of the 1920s, complete with a stage for live entertainment, a view of the Grand Canal’s iconic gondoliers, and comprehensive audiovisual, branding, and catering services. This venue is perfectly suited for a variety of occasions, including corporate meetings, cocktail soirées, sports viewing parties, formal dinners, and more, standing as one of the largest exclusive event spaces available. Additionally, private whiskey tastings can be organized for groups of all sizes.

Noel Bowman, the visionary behind 1923 Prohibition Bar, expressed the establishment’s second opening as a response to the growing need for distinctive, large-scale private venues on the Strip, and as a means to preserve the vanishing tradition of close-up, interactive entertainment amidst the era of big-name residencies. He emphasized the bar’s position as a secret jewel that not only revives the intimate lounge act culture but also appeals to those organizing and attending private events with its vast and versatile space.

Situated atop the Minus5º ICEBAR within the Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian Resort, the new 1923 Prohibition Bar location promises an authentically clandestine speakeasy experience, accessible exclusively via elevator.

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