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Satopia Travel, the premier journey designer for the exceedingly affluent, introduces its newest gem within the Community Series: The Quintessential New Zealand Quest. This elite escapade is tailored for accomplished entrepreneurs desiring an unparalleled adventure through New Zealand’s majestic terrains and vibrant culture, accompanied by an elite circle of peers.

“The Satopia guest is an entrepreneurial visionary who craves experiences that make them feel alive and inspired,” says Satopia Travel co-founder Ahmed Gouda. “The Ultimate New Zealand Experience embodies this perfectly, offering a transformative journey through a land of natural beauty alongside the unparalleled expertise of Satopia Travel in curated experiences.”

Crafted with precision, this journey offers unmatched access to New Zealand’s highlights, including savoring top-tier wines at prestigious vineyards, exclusive helicopter flights over icy glaciers, intimate dinners with celebrated All-Black rugby legends, and accommodations in lodgings previously chosen by ex-President Obama. Guided by Emma Ponsonby, co-founder of Satopia Travel and proud Kiwi, travelers will dive deep into a collection of handpicked, extraordinary experiences, revealing a side of New Zealand not found in typical travel plans.

“I want people to experience the New Zealand that I know and love, the beauty and the peacefulness, the simplicity and sense of space that echoes a vibration of stillness that I’ve not found anywhere else in the world”, says Ponsonby. “This, coupled with wine trails, waterfalls, luxury lodges and of course the locals, who truly uncover unmissable moments that create an authentic New Zealand experience”.

Tailored for the Elite Entrepreneur

The Quintessential New Zealand Quest is designed with the accomplished entrepreneur in mind, offering an exceptional avenue to celebrate successes and seek inspiration for future projects, whether they are business-related or philanthropic. Satopia Travel is distinguished for its ability to create deeply engaging experiences that promote meaningful connections and foster personal development, all while employing their signature cinematic storytelling technique.

Staying at New Zealand’s Rosewood Estates

Enhancing this unique journey further is the chance to stay at some of New Zealand’s most recent additions to the Rosewood estates. With exclusive rights secured by Satopia Travel, these luxurious sanctuaries promise unmatched opulence and bespoke services, seamlessly integrating with the journey’s overall experience. For those interested, pricing begins at USD $98,790 per room, reflecting double occupancy for a 14-night adventure.

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