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Rome: Italian honeymooners’ dream. Explore history, romance, and timeless charm in this iconic city, the perfect start to an unforgettable getaway.

A recent study by travel experts at Amalfi Coast Tours highlights Rome as the top honeymoon destination in Italy for the upcoming wedding season. The research, utilizing data from Ahrefs, investigates which Italian locations are most frequently searched by couples planning their honeymoon.

The study also evaluates the cost-effectiveness of these popular destinations by analyzing accommodation prices from and Airbnb. This comparison aims to identify the best value for a week’s stay in July.

Italy’s charm, with its rich culture, stunning landscapes, and favorable climate, continues to draw honeymooners. This study assists newlyweds in finding the most sought-after and budget-friendly destinations for their romantic getaway.

Rome emerges as the top-searched honeymoon destination, underscoring its status as a premier Italian holiday hotspot. Its popularity is evident with 600 global searches per month, and the average cost of accommodation for a week-long stay in July for two people stands at around $1,461.

Sharing the limelight with Rome is Sicily, also boasting 600 global searches monthly. However, honeymooners can enjoy a more budget-friendly experience here, with average costs totaling just $620 per week—a significant $841 less than in Rome.

Taking the third spot in terms of popularity are Lake Como and Sardinia, iconic Italian locales garnering a monthly global search volume of 450. They differ notably in cost: a romantic retreat in Lake Como averages $1,096 per week, while in Sardinia, it’s a more economical $766.

Tuscany secures the fourth rank, drawing an average monthly search volume of 400. Accommodation for two adults for a week in this picturesque region costs around $820 on average.

Rounding off the top five is Venice, a renowned vacation spot that captures 300 honeymoon-related searches per month. The average cost for a week’s stay in this enchanting city is approximately $1,277.

Sure, here is the information formatted in a table:

Dream Location Interest Level Cost Estimate ($) Popularity Rank
Eternal City 600 $1,461
Sicily 600 $620 2
Lake Como 450 $1,096 3
Sardinia 450 $766 4
Tuscany 400 $820 5
Venice Enchantment 300 $1,277 6
Florence 200 $1,294 7
Naples 150 $618 8
Sorrento 100 $1,477 9
Amalfi 70 $1,496 10

At the tail end of the rankings lie five destinations: Cilento, Salerno, Umbria, Matera, and Revello, registering no searches specifically related to honeymoons. For accommodations, prices range from an average of $626 to $1,701 per week.

Positano takes the second-lowest spot in honeymoon searches, with an average volume of 40, yet it boasts the highest price tag at an average of $3,423 for a week’s stay for newlyweds.

Puglia, also known as ‘Apulia,’ lands as the third least sought-after destination, with an average search volume of 50 and a weekly price tag of $699.

Cinque Terre, a picturesque coastal region with five charming villages along the Italian Riviera, comes in as the fourth least searched-for destination. It sees an average monthly search volume of 60 and offers an economical stay, averaging around $833.

Capri shares the same search volume of 60 but stands out as notably more expensive, ranking as the second most costly destination at $2,817 for a week’s stay.

Verona, nestled in the Veneto region, rounds off the bottom five honeymoon destinations, with an average search volume of 70. Couples looking to stay here should expect to pay around $974 per week on average.

The Ten Least Searched for Honeymoon Destinations

Location Search Attention Typical Cost ($) Placement
Ravello 0 $1,701 20
Matera 0 $615 19
Umbria 0 $510 18
Salerno 0 $632 17
Cilento 0 $623 16
Dream Locale 40 $3,423 15
Coastal Haven 50 $699 14
Five Village 60 $833 13
Capri 60 $2,817 12
Verona 70 $974 11

Speaking on the findings, Travel Expert from Tours & Tickets, Magdalena Petrusic said, “Rome’s position as the most sought-after Italian honeymoon destination reflects its charm for couples wanting a romantic and culturally rich experience.

“This study not only emphasizes Rome’s popularity but also offers valuable insights into the affordability and desirability of Italy’s top honeymoon spots, helping couples make informed decisions for their dream getaway – especially if they’re looking to switch things up rather than visiting the capital.”

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