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Prague Airport eyes 90% of its 2019 peak with new flights to Asia, North America, and enhanced routes, aiming for a full rebound by 2026.

Prague Airport is set to reclaim its pre-pandemic glory, aiming to restore nearly 90% of its 2019 zenith in terms of destination and carrier offerings. At the forefront of this resurgence is Jiří Pos, the esteemed Chairman of Prague Airport’s Board of Directors. Pos outlines a strategic vision focused on expanding the airport’s global reach, especially emphasizing long-haul connections. The ambition is to bridge Prague with pivotal cities across Asia and North America, including Hanoi, Beijing, Delhi, Bangkok, and New York. These destinations are not only key to boosting inbound tourism but also cater to the diverse needs of holiday goers, business travelers, and cargo transport sectors.

The expansion doesn’t stop there. Over thirty routes are set to experience an uptick in flight frequencies. A notable highlight includes the bustling Prague-London route, which will see up to 93 flights per week. Similarly, the Prague-Antalya connection will boast 59 flights weekly. Paris, Amsterdam, and Milan routes are also on the list for significant frequency increases, promising greater flexibility and choice for travelers.

Enhancements and New Horizons

In a move that signals both growth and modernization, Prague Airport is significantly increasing its offerings and capacities. Noteworthy is the Qatar Airways’ route to Doha, which will enjoy an enhanced schedule of ten flights weekly, facilitated by the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The upcoming summer season is particularly promising, with an anticipated offering of over 12.8 million seats, marking a 16% increase from the previous year. The Seoul-Prague route, served by Korean Air with the modern Boeing 787 Dreamliner, further underscores the airport’s commitment to connecting cultures and economies.

Jiří Vyskoč, the Aviation Business Development Executive Director, optimistically projects that the airport will regain its pre-COVID passenger traffic volume by the end of 2025 or early 2026. Despite the current shortfall, primarily attributed to geopolitical tensions and the resultant suspension of routes to the Russian Federation, Ukraine, and Belarus, Vyskoč affirms that, when adjusted for these disruptions, Prague Airport is essentially operating at full 2019 capacity.

Welcoming New Faces

The 2024 summer season will introduce travelers to several new carriers at Prague Airport. Newcomers such as Qanot Sharq Airlines, SCAT Airlines, FlyOne, Arkia, and KM Malta are set to enhance the airport’s connectivity, linking Prague with destinations like Tashkent, Astana, Chisinau, Tel Aviv, and Malta, respectively.

Prague Airport has also optimized its digital presence, offering travelers a comprehensive overview of available connections through its website. This platform not only facilitates direct bookings but also enriches the travel planning process with destination-specific insights.

Preparedness and Adjustments

In anticipation of the busy summer season, Prague Airport advises passengers to review travel conditions meticulously and to arrive at the airport well in advance of their departure. Additionally, adjustments in airport charges, including a modest increase in the Departing Passenger Service Charge, have been announced. Despite these changes, the charges at Václav Havel Airport Prague remain competitive, underscoring the airport’s commitment to maintaining affordability amidst rising operational costs.

As Prague Airport navigates its post-pandemic recovery, its strategic initiatives and enhancements signify a robust return to form. With a focus on expanding its global footprint, enhancing passenger experiences, and embracing sustainability and modernization, Prague Airport is poised to redefine air travel in the heart of Europe.


  1. Brindisi
  2. Astana
  3. Tallinn
  4. Verona
  5. Tashkent
  6. Chisinau
  7. La Palma
  8. The East Midlands
  9. Ponta Delgada
  10. Florence
  11. Izmir
  12. Dubai World Central
  13. Poznań


  1. Izmir – SunExpress
  2. La Palma – Smartwings
  3. Brindisi – Smartwings
  4. Ponta Delgada – Smartwings


  1. Spain – 23
  2. Italy – 20
  3. Greece – 20
  4. United Kingdom – 12
  5. France – 8

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