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The Vancouver Aquarium is delighted to present a new show, ‘Monsters of the Abyss’, inaugurating on Friday, February 9.

This show is an all-new interactive display that emphasizes the past and present of marine animals with the help of interactive shows, live shows along with supersized skeletons like megalodon and Spinosaurus. Delve into history and know about extinction-level occasions and find out why these creatures were so dreaded around the world. 

Till September 2, visitors will get a daily chance to get up close with some of the animals in this exhibition.

Monsters of the Abyss offers an opportunity to find out and know more about aquatic predators. This show unveils these lesser-known types and their inimitable histories, stated Vancouver Aquarium Executive Director Clint Wright. The Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Society operates the only devoted marine mammal salvage facility in Canada. Every year, the team attends to more than 300 aquatic animal predicaments, comprising the salvage and recuperation of sick, wounded or orphaned animals and the untying of sea lions stuck by marine wreckage.

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