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Welcome 2024, the Year of the Dragon, with our guide to thrive in Hong Kong’s festive spirit & unlock prosperity through travel & tradition!

2024 heralds the arrival of the Dragon’s Year in the Chinese astrological calendar, celebrating a mythical being celebrated for its mastery over both the heavens and the seas. Esteemed as the zenith of the twelve-zodiac pantheon, the Dragon’s Year occupies a place of honor within Chinese tradition. It embodies an era of optimism and vigor, making it an opportune moment for expanding one’s worldview through travel. This “Definitive Guide to Thriving in the Dragon’s Year,” crafted by feng shui expert Mak Ling Ling, offers seamless strategies for welcoming a prosperous new year amidst the vibrant celebrations in Hong Kong!

  1. For Career and Academic Success:
    A pilgrimage to a temple is a must-do for any Chinese New Year celebration in Hong Kong. The city’s historical Man Mo Temple in Sheung Wan, a site for soliciting professional and academic success, stands as a prominent landmark despite its modest size. Its prime location within the bustling districts of Central and Sheung Wan adds to its allure. Devotees of the Civil God (patron of scholars) and the Martial God (patron of warriors) frequent this temple, where touching the “Man Cheong Writing Brush” or the Martial God’s sword can symbolize prayers for career growth or business success, respectively. Students also bring their study materials to receive blessings for scholastic excellence.
  2. For Wealth and Joy:
    Paying homage to Kwun Yum, the Goddess of Mercy, is considered auspicious for family prosperity and happiness. The Hung Hum temple, dedicated to Kwun Yum in Kowloon, is notably the most distinguished, especially during the “Kwun Yum Treasury Opening Festival” on March 6, where devotees gather to “borrow” symbolic wealth. This site remains a beacon for prayers encompassing fertility, love, and health beyond this festival.
  3. For Health and Harmony:
    The nearly three-century-old Hau Wong Temple in Kowloon City is a sanctuary for those seeking health blessings. It becomes particularly vibrant during the Hau Wong Festival, with rituals designed to appease the Tai Sui deities for a harmonious year ahead, especially for zodiac signs facing adverse fortunes.
  4. For Total Fulfillment:
    Wong Tai Sin Temple, known for granting believers’ wishes, becomes a focal point during Chinese New Year for those seeking a fortuitous start to the Dragon’s Year. The tradition of the first incense offering attracts many, aiming to secure the greatest blessings for the year. The temple also serves as a place for romantic aspirations, where offerings to Yuelao, the matchmaker deity, can lead to divine connections.
  5. For Unbounded Luck:
    Che Kung Temple is the go-to destination for luck-seekers during the Chinese New Year, especially on the third day to avoid potential conflicts. Rituals here include drum beating, wheel spinning, and taking a pinwheel for continued fortune, aligning with feng shui principles for enhancing prosperity through natural harmony.

Exploring Hong Kong’s natural beauty, such as the panoramic views from the Peak Tram, the serene Big Buddha at Lantau, or the quaint Tai O fishing village, complements the spiritual journey. The Tai Tam Reservoirs offer another tranquil retreat with its stunning engineering marvels.

Embark on a journey to Hong Kong this Chinese New Year to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of traditions and celebrations welcoming the auspicious Dragon’s Year.

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