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This week, National Airlines, headquartered in the U.S., marked another significant milestone by securing the FAA Diamond Award for Excellence for the 11th year in a row. This award, one of the most prestigious recognitions from the Federal Aviation Administration, highlights the airline’s exceptional standards in maintenance training and safety measures, underscoring its dedication to superior operational performance. Historically, all of National Airlines’ Aircraft Maintenance Technicians (AMT) have participated in rigorous training through the FAA Aviation Maintenance Technician Awards Program, meeting the annual training criteria and completing a core course as mandated.

“As a global on-demand charter operator, it is of paramount importance and our primary priority to have the most efficient maintenance and safety systems and standards for our airline. I believe the latest FAA Diamond Award of Excellence is the most encouraging assurance of our processes and departments’ global standards. The team leaders and technicians have guaranteed time and effort to follow the regulatory guidelines, engage in the needed training, and cultivate a culture of learning and development along with managing such a fast-growing fleet of freighters. Highest standards of operations are one of our core commitments to the industry and customers, and we strive to keep up our proven track record”, commented Mr. Christopher Alf, Chairman, National Airlines.

Since its first participation in the FAA program in 2013, National Airlines has consistently upheld the highest standards of maintenance, earning the FAA Diamond Award of Excellence year after year. The airline has recently focused on modernizing its fleet, now operating nine Boeing 747 freighters and a passenger fleet comprising A330 and B757 aircraft daily. The recent recognition for the 11th time serves as a testament to the airline’s relentless commitment to maintaining quality and high standards amid its growing fleet. To sustain this level of recognition, the airline’s management and maintenance teams, along with numerous skilled technicians, continuously update themselves with the latest industry standards, regulations, and requirements.

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