Miami International Airport Soars to New Heights with Stylish Glass Passenger Bridge Launch Celebrated by Mayor Daniella Levine Cava – Travel And Tour World

Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava and Miami International Airport (MIA) officials joyously commemorated the unveiling of the newest glass passenger boarding bridge at gate H17, signifying a major achievement in the airport’s continuous modernization endeavors.

Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava, “I am so proud to unveil our newest glass bridge at MIA and announce our ambitious plans to introduce 60 more, making MIA the largest user of these energy-efficient innovations in the country. These bridges not only enhance the traveler experience but also demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and innovation.”

The reveal of the glass bridge at gate H17 comes after the successful debut of a similar structure at gate D14 in winter 2022. Miami International Airport aims to lead in adopting energy-efficient innovations among U.S. airports by introducing 62 bridges by 2028.

These glass bridges boast a contemporary look and improve passenger comfort by alleviating the sense of confinement often felt with steel bridges. Additionally, their smooth surface and excellent insulation enhance energy efficiency, leading to substantial savings in maintenance and climate control expenses.

Ralph Cutié, MIA Director and CEO, “The boarding bridge is that critical first step a visitor takes into MIA and Miami-Dade County. What better way to give a positive first impression of our County than to see our magnificent Miami skyline as soon as you exit your flight? Our boarding bridges are also the first step a passenger takes into our M.I.A. Plan, which is modernizing the entire airport experience from the cabin to the curb.”

The Modernization in Action (M.I.A.) Plan has updated 30 gates with advanced steel bridges since 2019, and the remaining 126 bridges at MIA will be replaced with glass going forward. This plan includes a $1.7 billion initiative for maintenance upgrades, encompassing the replacement or renovation of all 616 elevators, escalators, and moving walkways needing improvement at MIA. Over the next five to seven years, the plan aims to upgrade or replace at least 30 conveyance units annually. Additionally, MIA’s 207 public restrooms are undergoing renovation, with 33 already modernized in concourses D, H, and J, and 32 more set for renovation in other concourses by 2024. Furthermore, MIA is investing over $7 billion in its Future-Ready Capital Improvement Program.

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