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Miami Beach, recently hailed as the “World’s Leading Lifestyle Destination” by the prestigious World Travel Awards, stands as a premier international travel spot. Its allure extends beyond leisure, offering a captivating backdrop for the entertainment industry. Catering to the needs of filmmakers and TV producers scouting for fresh locales, Miami Beach presents itself as an ideal canvas for diverse productions ranging from films to documentaries.

In a bid to bolster filming endeavors, the Miami Beach Visitor and Convention Authority (MBVCA) introduces The Film Incentive Grant Program. Crafted to entice and facilitate film production in the region, this initiative serves as a beacon for creative ventures seeking vibrant settings and enriching narratives. With its iconic shorelines, historic art deco architecture, and a culinary scene boasting newly-awarded Michelin star restaurants helmed by celebrity chefs, Miami Beach offers a multifaceted backdrop to elevate storytelling and production quality.

The Film Incentive Grant Program extends its support to a wide array of audio-visual productions, including scripted feature films, television shows, documentaries, and short films. Details regarding eligible projects and exclusions are available for reference here, ensuring transparency and clarity for interested parties.

“For decades, Miami Beach has welcomed a variety of production teams and film crews, understanding the need to deliver an abundance of accommodations and varying locations to enhance filming and audience engagement,” says Peggy Benua, Chairwoman of the MBVCA.  “The Film Incentive Grant Program provides monetary support to production houses while also increasing hotel revenue through contract room nights on Miami Beach.”

Through the MBVCA’s Film Grant Incentive Program, eligible projects have the opportunity to secure financial support for their Miami Beach production expenses, with grants covering up to one-fourth of the costs, capped at $50,000. Miami Beach has a rich history of serving as a backdrop for acclaimed television series such as Ballers, Dexter, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and Magic City. Additionally, renowned films like Miami Vice (The Movie), as well as iconic cinematic classics such as The Birdcage and Scarface, are intrinsically linked with the vibrant atmosphere of Miami Beach.

“Production scouts can easily explore Miami Beach through our interactive app options, including the new EXP Miami Beach Tours App, to access custom itineraries and stand-out landmarks perfect for filming, “add Grisette Marcos, Executive Director of the MBVCA.

Miami Beach offers a diverse array of picturesque locations, from the vibrant architecture lining Ocean Drive to the breathtaking views at South Pointe Park. Intricately-designed spaces along Espanola Way and luxurious hotel suites overlooking the Atlantic Ocean further enhance its appeal as a filming destination. The versatility of Miami Beach, coupled with its abundance of unique experiences and attractions for talent to enjoy, makes it an ideal setting for film productions. The Film Incentive Grant Program plays a pivotal role in maximizing production budgets and leveraging the destination’s accessibility and adaptability to meet the evolving needs of filmmakers.

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