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An important provider of aircraft payload mounts, Meeker Aviation, declared today that it has got the EASA approval for its Utility Step Mount for all models of the H145 aircraft, counting the recent D3 variant. This Utility Step Mount has by now received FAA and Transport Canada certification.

Their well-known H145/BK117 Utility Step Mount offers operators with a powerful design, dual payload ability, and excellent camera stability, said the President of Meeker Aviation, Cal Meeker. Cal added that now they are happy to be able to provide this product to their customers globally so that they can make the most of several benefits that their side step mount provides.

The Utility Step Mount of Meeker Aviation for the H145 aircraft provides unhindered views and lower vibrations compared to other mounts on the market, creating it an outstanding choice when it comes to electronic news gathering, surveillance missions, and aerial film work. 

It is hassle-free to install, fastening to the airframe directly, and it can be removed from the aircraft as and when required. On the front hardpoints, the Utility Step Mount provides a 125 lb. (56.7 kg) payload capacity and has been planned to accept a wide variety of camera and sensor equipment nicely.

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