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Kiss 92’s radio stars explore Brisbane, sharing their adventures live. Join them as they uncover the city’s best spots!

Last week marked a special chapter for international collaboration in tourism. Glenn Ong, Angelique Teo, and Daphne Khoo, three of Singapore’s beloved radio personalities, embarked on an Australian escapade, thanks to Tourism Australia and Tourism and Events Queensland. Their journey was not just a visit but a vibrant broadcasting experience shared live and in recordings on Kiss 92’s popular segment, The Big Show.

The trio’s itinerary was packed with the best that Brisbane has to offer. Their first stop was Eat Street Northshore, a haven for food lovers, where they sampled local delicacies and shared their culinary adventures on air. The Story Bridge offered a blend of thrill and scenic views, a backdrop perfect for engaging broadcasts. At Howard Smith Wharves, they experienced the city’s vibrant lifestyle, interacting with an array of business owners who contributed to the lively local scene.

Beyond the urban excitement, Glenn, Angelique, and Daphne ventured into the natural beauty of Queensland. They immersed themselves in the serene landscapes of Tangalooma and Lone Pine, where they not only relaxed but also connected with wildlife experts and rangers, bringing diverse voices and stories to their listeners.

This special series of segments was part of a content partnership with the SPH Group. Throughout their visit, updates and highlights were aired on Kiss 92, giving listeners back home a taste of Queensland’s charm. The adventure was also captured on the Kiss 92 Facebook page and Instagram, where fans could follow the hosts’ journey through photos and reels.

This initiative is a testament to the power of media partnerships in promoting tourism and cultural exchange, bridging continents and bringing vibrant Australian experiences to an international audience.

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