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Proto, the original patented hologram device and platform making holoportation a reality, announced today that its advisor Howie Mandel will beam in live to surprise travelers at JFK Terminal 4, operated by JFKIAT. The America’s Got Talent star is celebrating the expanded use of Proto at the terminal, which includes a holographic presentation by Bronx Zoo Director Jim Breheny introducing sloths, alligators, pelicans, and warthogs.

The Proto units display people, animals, and objects in life-size, volumetric 4K, making them appear as if they are physically present in the terminal. Live guest interactions allow real-time engagement with travelers.

Previously, Mandel recorded a hologram explaining Terminal 4’s T4 Arts & Culture program and Proto technology. Now, he will beam in live for the first time.

“Excited about traveling through JFK Terminal 4 today. My airline of choice is Proto,” said Howie Mandel. “I love to travel without traveling – Beam me there!”

Proto’s AI capabilities are being explored for more interactive traveler experiences.

“There’s something like magic that happens when people see Proto holograms for the first time,” said David Nussbaum, Inventor and CEO of Proto Inc. “At JFK Terminal 4, the whole world is stopping by and having this experience every day. To see the New York area’s best people and places represented in our devices in this amazing space really is a dream come true.”

Proto has been used at New York landmarks such as Lincoln Center, Rockefeller Center, Moynihan Station, NYU, and Barclays Center by the Brooklyn Nets. The Los Angeles-based company is the patented inventor of hologram machines and the secure platform enabling holoportation. Proto is active in enterprise, education, entertainment, healthcare, telecommunications, sports, the arts, and retail, with clients including Amazon AWS, Verizon, Accenture, PwC, Christie’s, and NBC Universal.

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