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Jersey has scrapped minimum size requirements for beds, baths and basins as demand for bespoke accommodation grows.

Deputy Kirsten Morel, the minister for sustainable economic development, said he wanted to open the market to unusual stays as an alternative to hotel rooms.

He said the move would encourage hoteliers to innovate.

A 2022 Visit Jersey report found there was a lack of self-catering options on the island.

This was putting Jersey at a competitive disadvantage to the UK and Europe, the report said.

Prof Terry Stevens, a UK-based tourism expert, said the change would help the island appeal to a wider range of visitors.

“Gone are the days when you had your standard two-week holiday and you booked your standard package,” he said.

Quite strict
Kim Gilbraith, from the Ports of Jersey, which applied for permission to install accommodation at the marina, said the change gave more flexibly for accommodation providers.

“It was quite strict on room sizes, everything down to the size of a shower tray,” she said.

“So this just gives more flexibility to be able to offer a more unique experience and not just your average hotel-style accommodation.”

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