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Ireland shines at ITB Berlin 2024, uniting tourism partners to showcase its rich heritage and diverse attractions to the global travel industry.

In an impressive display of unity and diversity, Ireland’s tourism sector has come together at the prestigious ITB Berlin 2024, the world’s leading travel trade show. This gathering marks a significant moment for Ireland’s tourism partners, including premium hotels, whiskey distilleries, historic houses of heritage, and outdoor adventure providers. These representatives are ready to engage in pivotal commercial meetings with key German and international tour operators over the next three days.

The focus of this year’s participation is to explore B2B global travel business opportunities and to showcase Ireland’s diverse tourism destinations. This initiative is facilitated through strategic collaborations with destination management companies (DMCs), tour operators, and luxury hotels, all aimed at enhancing leisure travel.

Our correspondent from Travel and Tour World is on-site, providing exclusive insights into the products, services, and new destination offerings that are being introduced at ITB 2024. This event is not only a platform for Ireland’s tourism sector to present its best to the world but also an opportunity to forge new partnerships and strengthen existing ones in the global travel industry.

Ireland’s presence at ITB Berlin 2024 underscores the country’s commitment to its tourism industry and its intent to maintain and grow its position as a leading destination for travelers seeking a mix of cultural, historical, and outdoor experiences. Through direct engagement with tour operators and travel professionals, Ireland aims to capture the imagination of the international travel community and invite the world to explore its unique landscapes and rich heritage.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to bring you the latest from ITB Berlin 2024, where Ireland’s tourism sector shines on the global stage, inviting travelers to discover the beauty, adventure, and hospitality that Ireland has to offer.

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