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In today’s fast-paced and expectation-filled society, the luxuries of dedicating time to oneself and engaging in physical self-care have become highly coveted. The Spa at Four Seasons now offers Ignae, an Azorean skincare brand revolutionizing the industry with its blend of advanced science and sustainable methods. These products and treatments are not only potent in combating ageing but also deeply value the healing power of touch.

Ignae represents the cutting edge of clean beauty brands, emphasizing sustainability, transparency, and performance. Founded by Azores native Miguel Pombo, a seasoned professional in the EU beauty sector, and globally recognized luxury entrepreneur Claire Chung in 2020, Ignae stands for vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free products. The brand leverages AI-powered biotechnology for research and development in the Azores, aiming for greater efficacy and sustainability while focusing on nature for regenerative solutions, as noted by CEO Claire Chung.

“Ignae’s research driven, evidence backed and high performing products along with their commitment to hands-on techniques based on age old Ayurveda and TCM methods make them dream partners to work with. This holistic approach aligns perfectly with The Spa at Four Seasons values of delivering authentic wellness experiences to our guests. We are delighted to launch three holistic mind, body and facial experiences with Ignae at the spa here,” says Dr. Tania Bardhan, Senior Director of Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong.

The brand sources its ingredients from the Azores, tapping into the islands’ rich volcanic soil for regenerative properties. Ingredients like camellia, cedar, and spirulina, combined with thermal waters from Furnas, form the basis of Ignae’s products. Its EPC Factor, a breakthrough in skincare, enhances the skin’s absorption of plant extracts for unparalleled results.

The Spa at Four Seasons Hong Kong introduces new treatments that blend modern technology with traditional practices, including Chinese and Ayurvedic philosophies. Offerings range from the Ignae Digital Detox Retreat, designed to combat urban stresses and blue light skin damage, to facials that stimulate collagen production and improve skin elasticity. Each treatment utilizes Ignae’s innovative EPC Factor for visible anti-ageing benefits.

Available now at The Spa at Four Seasons Hong Kong, these signature treatments and the entire Ignae skincare line promise a luxurious and transformative skincare experience.

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