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Starting from her early stages as a native fair queen to turning the first independent female producer from Northwest Ohio with a countrywide disseminated PBS series, Haylie Robinson carries a fresh standpoint on local ethnicities in her series, ‘Finding Festivals.’ Reinforced by the National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA), Robinson’s series explores the core of America’s community traditions with the help of lively revelries.

‘Finding Festivals’ surpasses old-fashioned travel shows by finding out the traditional profundity of each event that it features. Robinson said that this series digs deep for revealing the passion of each community that they visit. Each chapter probes into what communities rejoice and why, emphasizing how these lively local ethnicities continues to form community life and reinforce ties across generations.

Among forthcoming highpoints are:
Thyagaraja festival in Cleveland, Ohio, rejoices Indian classical music and its traditional influence in Northeast Ohio.
Saginaw Chippewa Annual Pow Wow in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, celebrates the customs and community essence of the Saginaw Chippewa Tribe.
The Three Rivers festival in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is a vivacious and multifaceted event that happens to be the second-largest birthday in state.
The Bavarian festival in Frankenmuth, Michigan, revels in its German inheritance with the help of traditional crafts food and dance.
Jeep fest in Toledo, Ohio, is a city-wide festivity of native automotive history and community pride.

Haylie Robinson is the owner of HayRobin Media Productions LLC, recognized online as Hayliestory, engaging with online viewers since 2016 with vibrant finding of small towns and theme parks among others.

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