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Welcome to our enchanting sugar bush! This scenic beauty is more than just a feast for the eyes; it’s the heart of our maple syrup production, essential to Ontario’s Maple harvest festivities. Imagine indulging in soft pancakes topped with warm maple syrup or savory meals enriched with its distinct taste. During harvest time, maple syrup becomes the hero, enchanting palates and uniting communities.

Nestled within Millcroft Inn & Spa, our 25-acre maple tree haven is where the magic begins. Each tree is delicately tapped, capturing the precious sap that journeys to our sugar shack. There, it’s boiled down, transforming into the beloved sweet maple essence.

Discover the Splendor in Every Batch
Embarking on the Magic of Maple adventure with us includes an immersive guided tour through our sugar bush and shack, revealing the craftsmanship behind our exquisite maple syrup. Wander along a scenic trail, flanked by majestic maples, as your guide unfolds the timeless syrup harvesting tradition and the detailed tapping technique. Concluding your exploration on the Headwaters Restaurant patio, the warmth of a fire and the scent of maple greet you, followed by a captivating taffy-making show by our culinary experts, featuring freshly made syrup.

Ensure your spot in this memorable journey by registering at our front desk!

Embrace the Harvest with a Magic of Maple Escape
Our Magic of Maple package is designed for you to fully immerse in the wonders of Millcroft’s own maple syrup, in luxury. This package offers plush accommodation, a welcoming bottle of Millcroft 100% Pure Syrup, and two delightful maple-infused treats.

Dive into our array of maple-inspired craft cocktails, unique dishes at Headwaters Restaurant, and indulgent spa treatments leveraging maple syrup’s natural benefits for a refreshing and rejuvenating experience.

Bring Home the Essence of the Canadian Landscape
For those who can’t get enough of our artisanal, 100% pure maple syrup, we offer both small and large bottles for purchase at the front desk, alongside our scrumptious homemade maple cookies, perfect for taking a piece of Ontario’s charm home. Don’t miss out on trying our Maple Pecan Bars recipe for a delicious snack on your journey.

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