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“MITICO Season 3: Daniel Buren Takes Center Stage in Belmond and Galleria Continua Collaboration”

Belmond’s annual artistic series, MITICO, joins forces with Galleria Continua for its third season, spotlighting renowned contemporary artist Daniel Buren for the first time. The global series kicked off in February at Mount Nelson, A Belmond Hotel, Cape Town, followed by installations at iconic Belmond properties: Copacabana Palace, A Belmond Hotel, Rio de Janeiro; Villa San Michele, A Belmond Hotel, Florence; Castello di Casole, A Belmond Hotel, Tuscany; Hotel Cipriani, A Belmond Hotel, Venice; and La Residencia, A Belmond Hotel, Mallorca.

Titled “Haltes Colorées” (Colorful Halts), each of the six site-specific works invites viewers to pause and perceive their surroundings from a fresh perspective, reflecting the unique landscapes of their respective locations. This year’s MITICO series underscores Belmond’s commitment to fostering contemporary creativity while honoring its rich heritage across diverse settings.

Daniel Buren provides insights into the inspiration behind this year’s series.“What brings together the six “Haltes” of the 2024 MITICO season (Cape Town, Rio de Janeiro, Tuscany, Venice and Mallorca) is the beauty of each location’s environment. Celebrating nature and architecture, these six highly varied in situ works offer a new perspective on Belmond’s properties, fitting into a different space each time.” 

Journey Begins: Mount Nelson Celebrates History and Nature with Buren’s Colorful Halt

At the base of Cape Town’s Table Mountain, Mount Nelson initiates the MITICO journey with Daniel Buren’s captivating installation, “Colourful Halt for Mount Nelson, work in situ, 2023.” Embracing the hotel’s 125-year legacy, the artwork encircles the historic garden fountain, a cherished landmark predating the hotel’s establishment. Buren’s architectural interpretation, renowned for its vibrant hues and stripes, adorns the fountain’s circular structure with alternating mirrors and stripes. This dynamic interplay with nature engenders an enchanting dance of light and movement, harmonizing with Table Mountain’s majestic backdrop. The installation, marking the onset of the hotel’s annual cultural programming, precedes an exclusive collaboration with the Norval Foundation, further enriching Mount Nelson’s cultural tapestry.

Guests and visitors can explore Buren’s masterpiece from February 16, 2024, to February 15, 2025.

Monumental Takeover: Copacabana Palace Transformed by Buren’s Vibrant Scale

Continuing the MITICO expedition at Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana Palace, Daniel Buren draws inspiration from the city’s pulsating energy to craft his monumental installation, “Escala colorida para Copacabana Palace, trabalho in situ, 2023.” Adorning Copa’s iconic facade with colored vinyl records, Buren’s creation evolves with the passing day, as light and shadow merge to create a mesmerizing interplay of hues. This perpetual transformation, underscored by Copacabana’s central location and breathtaking surroundings, offers a fresh perspective on the hotel’s century-old cultural significance. Deepening its commitment to the arts, Copacabana Palace collaborates with Art Rio, hosting a series of engaging discussions throughout the year.

The artwork welcomes guests and visitors from March 15, 2024, until September 30, 2024.

Enhanced Landscapes: Castello di Casole Embraces Buren’s “Portals”

Nestled amidst 1,300 hectares of picturesque Tuscan terrain, Castello di Casole serves as the canvas for Daniel Buren’s latest endeavor. Buren’s vision manifests as three distinct “portals” – a circle, a square, and a triangle – adorned with striking geometric patterns of black and white stripes. Aptly named “Sosta colorata per Castello di Casole, lavoro in situ, 2023,” these installations are strategically positioned within the estate’s verdant gardens, offering fresh perspectives across the sprawling panorama. By seamlessly blending natural splendor with artistic innovation, Buren seamlessly integrates the Tuscan landscape into the Castello’s surroundings, while emphasizing the property’s historical ties to the land. Reminiscent of Japanese Shakkei gardens, these captivating captures establish a sense of infinite space and time, mirroring the property’s rich history as a medieval castle on an ancient Etruscan site.

Guests and visitors can explore Buren’s transformative installations from April 5 to November 17, 2024.

Transit of Colors: Villa San Michele Illuminated by Buren’s Brilliance

Perched atop the Fiesole Hills overlooking Florence, the 15th-century Villa San Michele serves as the backdrop for Daniel Buren’s latest masterpiece. Drawing inspiration from the Renaissance marvel and the school of Michelangelo, Buren unveils “Sosta colorata per Villa San Michele, lavoro in situ, 2024.” Transforming the hotel’s bar’s glass roof – once a humble cloister – into an artistic spectacle, Buren invites travelers to immerse themselves in the interplay of colored reflections as they traverse the space with the sun’s transit. This captivating addition joins the ranks of Leandro Erlich’s enduring installations from MITICO’s inaugural series in 2022, further enriching the hotel’s cultural landscape.

Guests and visitors can experience Buren’s vibrant compositions from April 3 to September 30, 2024.

Immerse Yourself in Color at Hotel Cipriani

Embark on the next chapter of this creative journey at Hotel Cipriani in Venice, where Daniel Buren’s artwork is curated exclusively by Galleria Continua and Hervé Mikaeloff. Buren’s focus once again turns to the hotel’s fountain—a historic architectural marvel predating the hotel itself. Inspired by the fountain that influenced his work at Mount Nelson, Buren crafts a new immersive circular structure adorned with colored windows and doors. Named “Sosta colorata per Hotel Cipriani, lavoro in situ, 2023,” the artwork seamlessly integrates into the global project with its trademark white stripes. Buren’s vision is to offer travelers an escape from the city’s hustle and bustle, inviting them into Hotel Cipriani’s tranquil oasis to discover a wholly new artistic realm. Within this renowned hotel, celebrated for its secluded havens from the Casanova Gardens to its Olympic-sized swimming pool, the artist unveils a fresh locale for exploration.

Guests and visitors can behold this masterpiece from April 11, 2024, until September 30, 2024.

Translucent Hues at La Residencia

Venture to La Residencia in Mallorca, where Buren presents his interpretation of a space accustomed to artistic interventions. Nestled in Deià’s creative haven, a site of regular artist residencies in collaboration with Galleria Continua, and adorned with 33 original works by Joan Miró, the hotel exudes cultural richness. Buren’s addition enriches this legacy, commandeering the terrace with a vibrant and immersive installation. Titled “Descanso colorido para La Residencia, trabajo in situ, 2024,” the piece offers guests a new visual journey—a translucent pergola tracing the terrace’s contours, casting rainbows that dance with the sun’s passage. Beneath this canopy, Buren beckons guests to pause, rejuvenate, and ponder the Mediterranean vista from the heart of the UNESCO-protected Sierra de Tramuntana.

The artwork will grace guests and visitors alike from April 30, 2024, until November 10, 2024.

Daniel Buren’s “Haltes Colorées” embodies a daring fusion of art, architecture, and nature. Each monumental work harmonizes seamlessly with its locale, awakening travelers’ senses and offering a site-specific encounter that transcends borders. Through these creations, Buren encourages viewers to embrace a fresh perspective on the splendor of Belmond’s architecture and the expansive natural landscapes it inhabits.

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