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Cyient, an esteemed player in the realm of Intelligent Engineering and Technology Solutions on a global scale, has embarked on a noteworthy alliance with Deutsche Aircraft, a distinguished original equipment manufacturer based in Weßling, near Munich, Germany. This collaboration marks a concerted effort towards the meticulous design for manufacturing (DFM) of the rear fuselage section for the D328eco, a 40-seat regional turboprop aircraft.

The D328eco, poised to redefine regional air mobility, is the latest iteration in the Dornier 328 lineage, boasting significant fuel efficiency improvements. To accommodate more passengers, the aircraft is undergoing tailored structural modifications. Anticipated to set new standards in the aviation sector, the D328eco combines advanced technological features, unparalleled adaptability, and operational versatility, ensuring it meets the demands of challenging terrains while fostering connectivity across regions.

“We are excited about our collaboration with Deutsche Aircraft to support the development of the D328eco aircraft. This partnership underscores Cyient’s commitment to delivering innovative engineering solutions in the aerospace sector. Our expertise in the aircraft design and development life cycle will play a crucial role in developing the D328eco. Together, we look forward to driving advancements in aviation technology and contributing to the success of this transformative project,” said Karthikeyan Natarajan, Executive Director and CEO of Cyient.

“We are thrilled to be working with Cyient,” remarks Dave Jackson, Chief Executive Officer at Deutsche Aircraft. “Their vast experience in the Aerospace & Defence industry was one of the key factors in contracting them to be responsible for the design of the rear fuselage section as part of our D328eco aircraft development programme.”

Maximilian Fahr, Vice President of Supply Chain at Deutsche Aircraft, also expressed his enthusiasm about the company’s partnership with Cyient, stating, “This agreement represents a strong commitment to India. This new partnership with Cyient will enable Deutsche Aircraft to work with the best in the field and further enhance the development of the D328eco in a competitive setting.”

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