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The sun-soaked island of Corsica is not more than an
hour’s flight from Nice. The island became a part of
France in 1786, and currently, visitors love its crystal
blue shorelines and seashores. However, more than
anything else, Corsica attracts visitors with its
Mediterranean food. French gastronomy is often
tantamount with croissants and crêpes; nonetheless,
Corsica adds its individual nuanced taste to this
explanation. From olive oil to wine, sausages to
cheese, you can find your plentiful food choices in
Corsica is reachable by plane or boat. The island has
quite a few airports in towns like Bastia, Ajaccio and
Calvi. Well-known routes comprise short flights from
adjacent Marseille or Nice. It’s even probable to take
an overnight ferryboat from Marseille to
Bastia. Nonetheless, taking a short flight to the island
is best for a smooth island trip.
In Corsica, if meat or cheese is branded AOC, it means
that it has been certified by the French authorities; if
it is branded AOP, it has been checked by the French
and European authorities. A characteristic Corsican
meat specialty is its figatellu. It is easy to spot since it
is often much darker compared to other categories of
French dried sausages. Wine aficionados do not have to
fret. Like the rest of France, Corsica is also recognized
for its diverse varieties of wines. The island might only

make up 1% of French vineyards, but it is home to
over 100 winemakers.