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Central America Fishing, the premier provider of luxury fishing getaways across Central America, is kicking off 2024 with a slew of thrilling updates. To begin the year, they unveiled their revamped website, accompanied by an exciting addition to their roster of destinations for anglers: Brazil!

Originally specializing in organizing and arranging fishing vacations in Costa Rica two decades ago, this luxury sport fishing outfitter now extends its services to five countries. The inclusion of Brazil marks their inaugural expansion since Guatemala in 2016 and their maiden venture into South America.

“Central America is home to an abundance of riches when it comes to sport fishing. From the incredible offshore and inshore fishing on the Pacific Coast to fly fishing the pristine flats of Belize, the whole world comes here to fish. Despite all that we already offer in this region, it’s undeniable that the Amazon River is one of the world’s best freshwater fisheries. It seemed almost negligent not to offer peacock bass fishing in Brazil to our guests, so we started making our reconnaissance trips down there in 2022. It was every bit as fun as we hoped, so we are really excited to add the Brazilian Amazon to our offerings.”

Central America Fishing now offers expeditions to the Brazilian Amazon aboard two liveaboard motherships and a floating bungalow setup. Referred to as “floating fishing lodges,” these innovative accommodations allow the local operation to remain mobile, ensuring anglers access the best fishing spots despite unpredictable conditions. Throughout a season, these vessels cover over 1,200 miles from south to north, ensuring optimal fishing opportunities.

In addition to prime fishing conditions, guests enjoy luxurious amenities onboard. Air-conditioned rooms, private bathrooms with hot water showers, laundry service, and gourmet dining—including three-course dinners—are all part of the experience. Brazilian fishing packages are comprehensive, covering meals, an open bar, private fishing boats, fuel, and even fishing gear.

A typical week includes six days of fishing from 7 AM to 3-4 PM, offering ample opportunities to catch hundreds of fish, ranging from smaller 5-8 lb peacocks to giant 15-20+ lb specimens. Fly fishing enthusiasts can bring their gear to target peacocks using streamers and poppers.

Given the considerable distance travelers journey to Brazil, many opt to explore local culture, history, and natural attractions before or after their fishing expedition. Trips commence and conclude in Manaus, the capital and largest city of Amazonas. Visitors can embark on guided city tours, explore national parks, and even partake in arapaima fishing at a private farm.

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