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Capella Hotels and Resorts is excited to unveil its inaugural coastal property in Saudi Arabia, located within the vibrant NEOM at Elanan, nestled among the picturesque desert mountains and the shores of the Gulf of Aqaba. This new resort is set to open a distinctive wellness retreat as part of a broader sustainable development in the northwest region of Saudi Arabia.

Set amidst a verdant oasis that incorporates the area’s historic natural springs, the resort boasts 80 custom-designed rooms and suites. Here, guests will find themselves in a serene environment where modern design harmoniously blends with the natural beauty. Capella’s renowned hospitality is enhanced by a comprehensive wellness program offered by Capella Wellness, merging cutting-edge design with a restful retreat atmosphere.

A Sanctuary of Serenity

Capella at Elanan celebrates the local culture with its architecture, featuring interconnected geometric patterns that mirror the natural forms of the landscape. Upon arrival, visitors are immediately immersed in the calming presence of nature. The resort offers sprawling plazas, lush, sunlit gardens, and striking views from the peak of the observation tower.

Wellness Offerings

Capella is known for its deep commitment to wellness, providing a range of therapeutic services and premier facilities. Guests are invited to select from a diverse array of wellness treatments influenced by the lunar cycles. These offerings blend traditional Arabian healing practices with contemporary methods, allowing guests to engage in personalized wellness journeys steeped in age-old traditions.

Cristiano Rinaldi, President of Capella Hotel Group, said: “We are thrilled to collaborate with NEOM in unveiling our second property in the Middle East: Capella at Elanan, on the Gulf of Aqaba coast. Combining Saudi Arabia’s breathtaking natural landscapes with NEOM’s innovative technology, we are poised to provide guests with an unparalleled wellness experience that promises delight and discovery. This sanctuary will elevate Capella Hotels and Resorts’ esteemed wellness offering, featuring a curated series of exciting programs.”

Culinary Delights Reimagined

The resort features four dining venues, each at the confluence of restorative dining and culinary creativity. Drawing inspiration from its coastal locale, the resort offers a rich palette of unique tastes prepared by a team of international chefs. In addition, Capella provides exclusive dining experiences tailored for special events, ensuring a memorable culinary journey for every occasion.

“The partnership with Capella Hotels and Resorts seamlessly combines their esteemed luxury, wellness, and exceptional culinary experiences with NEOM’s dedication to regenerative tourism, ensuring guests an innovative and revitalising escape on the stunning shores of the Red Sea,” shares Chris Newman, Executive Director, NEOM Hotel Division

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