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Capa Steakhouse, a rooftop dining gem with a Michelin star located at the Four Seasons Resort Orlando in Walt Disney World Resort, recently introduced upgrades to its kitchen and dining experience, alongside earning a Spanish certification from the Embassy of Spain. Moreover, Capa and its hosting resort gained spotlight in the Netflix series “Somebody Feed Phil,” with its seventh series launching on March 1, 2024, highlighting eminent eateries across the Orlando area. Capa is celebrated for its exquisite selection of prime meats prepared on a wood-fired grill, an assortment of fresh seafood, and delicious Spanish tapas, not to mention its captivating ambiance and chic decor. Situated on the 17th floor, the steakhouse offers breathtaking views of surrounding lakes and woodlands, as well as the enchanting nightly fireworks of Walt Disney World, visible from its two outdoor terraces.

The restaurant’s refreshed design, crafted by Parker-Torres Design based in Boston, Massachusetts, features elegant Spanish fans crafted from custom-painted, laser-cut metal that add a sparkling effect as they sway. The addition of new seating arrangements, including snug banquettes and vibrant red bar stools, along with striking artwork, infuses the space with lively colors. The kitchen’s expansion is a significant update, providing the culinary team with enhanced space for food preparation and presentation. At the heart of the kitchen, a wood-fired grill is complemented by a stunning white marble counter and custom refrigeration units that display Capa’s premium meat selections.

Keeping in line with Capa’s Spanish-influenced cuisine, the design of the space was inspired by the beautiful movement and attire of Spanish performers such as the matador and flamenco dancer. “The vibrant red fan art extending along the ceiling in the main dining area is reminiscent of the flaring of a flamenco dancer’s dress, allowing freedom of movement throughout space,” notes Kristen Emory, lead senior interior designer with Parker Torres. “Intentional textures and fabric patterns, elaborate carpet design and art elements emulate the ornate detailing found in the matador’s traje de luces, or “suit of lights.”

Fabrizio Schenardi, the Executive Chef at Four Seasons Resort Orlando, praises the revamped open kitchen for its aesthetic appeal and improved functionality, benefiting the culinary team.

The restaurant also boasts new furniture and decorative rugs, enhancing its appeal. The outdoor terraces have been revamped with new furnishings and decorative elements, elevating the dining experience.

“I am immensely proud of Capa for receiving official certification as a Restaurant from Spain,” says Malyna Si, Capa Chef. “This is not a small task as the criteria for certification is lengthy. To me, this accreditation reflects the hard work the team puts in not only to create the most delicious, beautifully presented dishes, but also the work behind the scenes in sourcing authentic food items to ensure the Capa Steakhouse experience as a Spanish-influenced restaurant is truly the best it can be.”

Restaurants from Spain Certification

Capa’s adherence to authentic Spanish cuisine has been acknowledged with the “Restaurants from Spain” certification by the Embassy of Spain. This honor is awarded to U.S. restaurants that accurately represent traditional Spanish dishes and incorporate genuine Spanish products. Capa’s menu, which includes 48 percent Spanish dishes and a wine list featuring nearly 60 percent Spanish wines, alongside Spanish-speaking staff members, played a crucial role in achieving this certification.

Somebody Feed Phil Feature

The Four Seasons Resort Orlando played host to the “Somebody Feed Phil” Netflix series crew last summer, showcasing the resort and Capa in one of its episodes. The collaboration with Visit Orlando led to an episode that presents Orlando’s diverse and rich culinary landscape, from Michelin-starred establishments like Capa to local, immigrant-owned eateries, reflecting the city’s status as a burgeoning foodie destination. With Orlando being named the #1 Best Foodie City in America by WalletHub in October 2023, the episode contributes to highlighting the city’s culinary excellence and diversity.

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