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Marks the initiation of a strategic alliance between Boes Aviation and Asset Management, LLC (Boes AAM) and Liberty Terminal, aiming to provide advanced jet fuel solutions to both commercial and military sectors in aviation. Boes AAM, recognized as a service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB) with a focus on the aviation jet parts sector, and Liberty Terminal, known for its prominence in logistics, storage, and fuel services, are collaborating to enhance the jet fuel supply for the commercial, aerospace, and defense realms.

This collaboration primarily aims to distribute Jet A and Jet A-1 fuels, along with other petroleum products, to domestic airlines at competitive rates. This effort is intended to not only bolster the airlines’ reputations by aligning with corporate social responsibility objectives but also to provide financial benefits through potential tax incentives at both state and federal levels for contracting with an SDVOSB.

Additionally, the partnership is set to spearhead the development of a new fuel manufacturing facility in the U.S., dedicated to producing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), including hydrogen and renewable diesel. This initiative aligns with the commitment of numerous domestic airlines to cut down carbon emissions, highlighting the critical role of SAF suppliers in ensuring the longevity and ecological responsibility of domestic flight operators in the years ahead.

CEO & Founder of Boes AAM, Thaddeus Smith stated, “Our partnership with Liberty Terminal represents a strategic move to address the fuel needs of domestic carriers. By combining our expertise in aviation services with Liberty Terminal’s 50 plus years of experience in jet fuel and aviation logistics, we are well-positioned to deliver superior fuel solutions to our customers.”

Echoing Mr. Smith’s sentiments, CEO of Liberty Terminal Joseph DiMauro shared, “The collaboration with Boes AAM enables us to leverage our resources and networks to serve the aviation industry more effectively. Our joint efforts will not only enhance fuel supply chain efficiency but also contribute to the financial success, growth, and corporate social responsibility goals of domestic carriers.”

Boes AAM and Liberty Terminal will also cater to the needs of the aerospace and defense sectors.

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