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Adverse weather conditions, labor disputes, or unforeseen circumstances can cause disruptions or even flight cancellations. In such scenarios, maintaining professionalism and adaptability is crucial to ensure passengers can resume their journeys swiftly and smoothly. Addressing this challenge head-on, Layover Solutions introduces an innovative and efficient solution. As a newly established partner of the airline association BARIG (Board of Airline Representatives in Germany), this tech company offers AI-driven strategies for layover management.

Layover Solutions presents a B2B online platform that seamlessly connects airlines, hotels, transportation services, and passengers. This platform streamlines the coordination of services for travelers, spanning from lodging arrangements to transportation needs, all in record time. The technology yields significant advantages over traditional communication methods like phone calls and faxes, enabling both passengers and airline personnel to respond with greater flexibility and speed.

“This innovative approach is a good example of how services in air traffic can be further improved in the case of exceptional events,” Michael Hoppe, BARIG Chairman and Executive Director, states. “We are therefore delighted to welcome Layover Solutions as the newest business partner in our network.”

“Our solution works according to the plug-and-play principle. Layover Solutions offers everyone involved a fast, transparent, and efficient answer to the previously still very complex and analog processes. We are proud that the solution has already been very well received at three German locations and are looking forward to the next milestones,” Isabell Ketteler, Director of Sales at Layover Solutions, says. “The integration into BARIG’s business partner network opens up new opportunities for us to intensively exchange knowledge, which can contribute to the further development of the aviation industry.”

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