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Photo credit by Infrastructure Canada

Improvements to transit services and key local cultural and essential buildings in the Banff area will soon enhance the experience for both residents and visitors, thanks to a joint investment exceeding $13 million by the federal government and local authorities.

This initiative, unveiled by Minister Sean Fraser, Mayor Corrie DiManno, Dave Schebek, Board Chair of the Bow Valley Regional Transit Services Commission, and Chris Lorway, President and CEO of the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, aims to expand transportation choices and ease congestion in the bustling Banff region. Additionally, enhancements to the ventilation and lighting in two community buildings will promote a healthier indoor atmosphere.

The investment will enable the deployment of up to five accessible hybrid electric buses in the Bow Valley region, enhancing the transit network in Banff, Canmore, and Lake Louise. The plan includes replacing older diesel buses with a combination of hybrid and electric models, equipped with extended range capabilities to navigate the diverse weather and terrain of the area effectively. Furthermore, the expansion of services connecting Canmore, Banff, and Lake Louise will be supported, along with the acquisition of three accessible buses to extend fixed-route services and bolster connectivity across the region.

A collaborative effort between Banff and the Bow Valley Regional Transit Services Commission will see the creation of a new transit express lane on Mountain Avenue, linking downtown to residential areas and major tourist sites. The introduction of a new multi-use pathway will further integrate the local Roam Public Transit system with the community, reducing traffic congestion.

Investments will also be made in the Catharine Robb Whyte Building and the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, focusing on upgrading lighting to high-efficiency LED fixtures and enhancing ventilation systems. These improvements aim to cut energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to the efficiency and environmental sustainability of these public spaces.

These upgrades to transit and cultural infrastructure underscore a commitment to fostering healthy, sustainable lifestyles, crucial for creating vibrant, connected, and thriving communities.

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