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In a significant move to bolster its tourism sector, the Ayia Napa Municipality is setting the stage for the creation of a comprehensive multifunctional park designed to bridge the western and eastern segments of Ayia Napa. This ambitious project aims to augment the city’s allure with an array of captivating features, including spiral pedestrian pathways, a serene lake, a lush botanical garden, and expansive panoramic views of the sea. The announcement of the tender for construction, earmarked as a multimillion-euro investment, signifies a pivotal moment in Ayia Napa’s urban and tourism development strategies.

Prospective contractors are invited to submit their proposals by the April 22 deadline, with the project’s completion timeline set at 16 months from the award date. This endeavor is anchored within the broader framework of the THALIA 2021-2027 Cohesion Policy Programme, benefitting from co-funding by the European Union, underscoring the project’s significance at both the local and European levels.

Spanning over 34,000 square meters, the proposed park will be strategically located near the heart of Ayia Napa’s bustling tourist district, a site formerly occupied by the Ayia Napa Cultural Centre. The design concept envisions a network of elegantly spiraling walkways, alongside which various structures and spaces will be developed to support a wide range of activities and uses.

Central to the park’s design is a variety of attractions aimed at enhancing visitor experiences, including a central plaza, an artificial lake, a botanical garden rich in biodiversity, a mosaic park, a playground designed for children, and an observatory positioned at the park’s zenith to afford visitors sweeping views of Ayia Napa’s coastal beauty.

Moreover, the park plans to dedicate a specific area for an outdoor market, promoting the sale of local products and fostering a sense of community and cultural exchange.

Ayia Napa’s Mayor, Christos Zannettou, shared with Phileleftheros the anticipation that the project will reach completion by 2025, marking a significant milestone in the city’s journey to enrich its tourism offerings and provide both residents and visitors with a multifaceted recreational space that celebrates the natural and cultural heritage of Ayia Napa.

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