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2023 saw a surge in Russian tourists globally, with notable increases in visits to China, Europe, and the Middle East during New Year.

In a recent news piece, it was reported that during the 2023 holiday season, there was a notable rise in the number of Russian travelers visiting various international destinations, especially China and Europe. This information was based on a study conducted by Russia’s telecommunications leader Megafon and reported by RIA Novosti.

The study highlighted a remarkable 11% increase in Russians traveling abroad during the New Year period compared to the previous winter season. Notably, there was an 8.5% increase in Russian tourists heading to European nations, with China and other Asian countries also experiencing a surge in visitors.

Xinhua news agency further elaborated on the trend, noting a tenfold increase in Russian tourists visiting China. Additionally, Hong Kong and Macao saw significant rises in Russian visitors, with increases of 22 and 35 times, respectively.

The report also shed light on other Asian destinations like Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, and Sri Lanka, which all saw significant boosts in Russian tourist numbers, with increases ranging from 62% to a striking 148%.

Russian tourists’ interest in the Middle East was also on the rise. The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia saw visitor numbers from Russia increase by 17-20%, while Kuwait experienced an extraordinary surge, with Russian tourist numbers growing 51 times compared to the previous year.

Europe too witnessed an 8.5% increase in tourist arrivals from Russia, with Italy, Germany, and France being the most favored destinations, witnessing increases of 47%, 34%, and 27% respectively.

Among European nations, Iceland stood out with the highest growth rate, attracting three times more Russian visitors. In contrast, Finland saw a significant decrease in its appeal to Russian tourists, with a 71% drop in visitors during the New Year period.

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