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Alyeska Resort proudly declares an exceptional start to the season with an astounding 400 inches of snow gracing its slopes, approaching the historical maximum recorded in 1999. This remarkable early snowfall, a preview of the typical annual average of 392 inches over 57 snowfall days, showcases the distinctive snowfall pattern in Southcentral Alaska. The timing aligns with Alyeska Resort’s inaugural season as part of the Ikon Pass community, attracting skiers from the Lower 48 seeking alternatives amid snow shortages and warmer conditions at other mountain resorts.

Duane Stutzman, Mountain General Manager at Alyeska Resort, expresses excitement about the unprecedented early-season snowfall, surpassing the usual benchmarks. Stutzman notes, “While we haven’t reached the record-breaking levels of 2000-01, this year’s snowfall is noteworthy, with November delivering 153 inches and December bestowing an astounding 121+ inches—an impressive 167% above average!”

Traditionally, Alyeska Resort receives substantial snowfall throughout the winter months, including November (92 inches), December (130 inches), January (120 inches), February (103 inches), March (104 inches), and April (85 inches). The current early snow accumulation sets the stage for a potentially historic season, promising an unparalleled experience for winter sports enthusiasts.

Skiers and snowboarders are invited to revel in the more than 400 inches of pristine Alaskan snow, transforming the resort into a winter wonderland. Mount Alyeska’s sea-level location provides an added advantage, offering skiers ample oxygen and energy for a day on the slopes. The conditions are ideal for a variety of winter activities, ensuring an exhilarating experience on the runs. Beyond skiing, the resort provides numerous opportunities to appreciate the serene Alaskan winter landscape, with calm winds and a high of 26°F encouraging guests to explore luxurious amenities and natural beauty.

After a day on the slopes, guests can indulge in the ultimate après-ski experience at the new Alyeska Nordic Spa. This recently introduced indoor-outdoor retreat offers hydrotherapy, saunas, and cold exposure treatments to rejuvenate the body and spirit.

Alyeska Resort caters to every guest with a range of accommodations and amenities. With 299 meticulously appointed hotel rooms promising comfort and style, the resort has renovated its suites for the 2024 season. Additionally, the new Black Diamond Club, launching in January, offers premium accommodations, services, and amenities exclusively for 8th-floor guests. The Sitzmark Bar provides vibrant entertainment, and the renowned Seven Glaciers restaurant atop Mount Alyeska offers epicurean delights. Whether seeking adventure, wellness, or culinary excellence, Alyeska Resort promises an unforgettable Alaskan experience.

For detailed information on current conditions, lift tickets, and accommodations, visit Experience the splendor of over 400 inches of unique Alaskan snow at Alyeska Resort—an invitation to an extraordinary winter adventure!

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