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Amid growing demand from businesses and exporters in New Zealand for insights into their carbon impact, Air New Zealand has unveiled two novel platforms to assist its corporate and cargo clientele in gauging their emissions stemming from employee air travel and freight transport.

This initiative delivers accessible emissions data directly to the fingertips of corporate and cargo clients, offering them unprecedented transparency. Furthermore, customers now have the option to procure carbon credits from accredited projects based on their personalized emissions data, a first for the airline. Teaming up with the Norwegian company CHOOOSE, Air New Zealand introduces these platforms, which furnish enhanced visibility of emissions according to route and seat class, where applicable.

Kiri Hannifin, Air New Zealand’s Chief Sustainability Officer, emphasizes the airline’s commitment not only to measuring its own emissions but also to facilitating essential information for its customers’ reporting needs and their air travel and freight choices.

“As an airline, the biggest risk to our business is climate change, and we are acutely aware of the need to reduce carbon emissions from our services while still connecting Aotearoa to the world. Increasingly carbon reduction is something our corporate and cargo customers are focused on too, whether that’s motivated by their own transition strategy, mandatory reporting needs, or because their customers expect it.

“Scope 3 emissions, which includes emissions from staff flying for work and freight, are often a large source of emissions for businesses and they can be hard to understand given they are also largely outside of their direct control. Our new emissions platforms will help customers measure and better understand the make-up of their emissions profile, as well as provide the option to purchase carbon credits from certified projects,” she says.

For corporate clients, the platform utilizes customized emissions factors derived from Air New Zealand’s specific data. These factors take into account the aircraft type and flight routes, enhancing the precision of emissions calculations.

“For corporates choosing to fly their staff on Air New Zealand aircraft, the emissions you see on the platform will reflect our modern fleet. Maintaining a modern and fuel-efficient fleet alongside operational efficiency plays a key role in Air New Zealand’s net-zero target,” says Ms Hannifin. Freight emissions are computed utilizing emissions factors that adhere to the guidance provided by New Zealand’s Ministry for the Environment.

Air New Zealand has become the inaugural airline in the Asia-Pacific region to introduce a cargo carbon reporting initiative in collaboration with CHOOOSE.

Andreas Slettvoll, CHOOOSE CEO, says, “In a world that increasingly values, demands, and expects businesses to practice environmental responsibility, companies using air freight must play their part in helping decarbonise aviation by 2050—given the sector’s significant contributions to global CO2 emissions.”

“As the first airline in Asia-Pacific to launch a cargo carbon programme with CHOOOSE, Air New Zealand is a front runner in adopting this technology for its customers and we are proud to work with an agile partner to make climate initiatives more accessible across the aviation industry. With the latest addition of both cargo and corporate emissions platforms, Air New Zealand is empowering their customers to really understand their carbon emissions and support meaningful environmental action.

“Enabling airline partners and their end customers (including individuals, corporate flyers, and cargo companies) to take climate action first begins with measurement. Only with greater transparency, utilising verified methodologies and data inputs, can customers understand the scope of their carbon footprints and how to act on them.” says Andreas Slettvoll.

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