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Boeing alerts airlines to check 787 Dreamliner seats after a sudden drop injured 50 on a Latam flight, highlighting ongoing safety concerns.

Boeing has informed airlines that fly the 787 Dreamliner to conduct checks on pilot seats following a recent inquiry into an event involving a Latam flight.

This advisory was issued in the wake of an incident where a 787 experienced a sudden descent during a Latam Airlines journey, resulting in injuries to 50 passengers.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the descent was triggered when a flight attendant unintentionally activated a control on the pilot’s seat, causing the pilot to inadvertently move forward and tilt the aircraft downwards.

Latam Airlines is cooperating with ongoing investigations into the matter.

The event led to passengers being propelled towards the aircraft’s ceiling as it was en route from Australia to New Zealand.

A passenger, Brian Jokat, reported at the time that several individuals sustained injuries to their heads.

Subsequent reports from emergency services indicated that one individual was critically injured.

This aircraft was on its way to Santiago, Chile, after stopping in Auckland, but the subsequent leg of the journey was postponed, with a replacement flight arranged for the following Tuesday.

This occurrence follows a separate incident earlier in the year when a door panel detached from a Boeing aircraft. Investigations in February revealed that the panel’s securing bolts were missing.

Additionally, a former Boeing employee, noted for his critiques of the company’s manufacturing practices, was recently discovered deceased in the United States.

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