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Renowned worldwide for elevating the standards of wellness hospitality, particularly through their premier luxury wellness clinic SHA, the group now expands its global footprint with the introduction of AB Living, a development entity dedicated to health, wellbeing, and luxury hospitality. With a focus on excellence, design, and sustainability, AB Living is set to become a leading force in the industry, spearheading projects along the Mediterranean Coast and beyond.

“As the SHA brand expands globally and plans the development of Costa Mujeres in Mexico with several resort projects and branded residences that will be operated by Marriott International, AB Living consolidates itself as the general umbrella that encompasses all of the group’s real estate development, under the pillars of well-being, hospitality and residential,” shares Alejandro Bataller, Vice President, AB Living. “We look forward to bringing the AB Living lifestyle to more corners of the world.”

With a portfolio boasting over five ongoing projects, many in collaboration with Marriott International, AB Living is on track to become a prominent developer in the Mexican Caribbean. Its core pillars—AB Wellbeing, AB Hospitality, and AB Properties—reflect a commitment to holistic health, luxurious accommodation, and meticulous attention to detail.

Under AB Wellbeing, innovative wellness centers are being established to enhance individuals’ health and vitality. Meanwhile, AB Hospitality is dedicated to crafting iconic properties nestled amidst natural landscapes, often in partnership with esteemed hotel brands. Additionally, AB Properties focuses on creating residential developments in exceptional settings, ensuring a meticulous approach to every aspect of design and comfort.

Notably, all AB Hospitality projects include a branded residential component, adding an exclusive touch to the resort communities. Prices for these residences range from $2 million USD for a two-bedroom unit to $8 million USD for a four-bedroom dwelling.

Exciting developments are already underway, with SHA Mexico marking its grand opening on January 26, 2024. AB Living is proud to announce a series of upcoming projects in collaboration with Marriott International:

  • The St. Regis, Costa Mujeres, scheduled to open its doors in December 2025.
  • Almare, a Luxury Collection All-Inclusive Resort, Isla Mujeres, with the resort opening in August 2024 and the Residences following suit in late 2025.
  • JW Marriott All-Inclusive Costa Mujeres and W All-Inclusive Costa Mujeres, both slated for opening in 2026.

“As we continue to expand our services, offerings and developments, we are eager to work with like-minded companies and brands that are evolving the travel and hospitality space,” stated Alejandro Bataller, Vice President, AB Living. “Marriott International is the most prominent brand in hospitality and perfectly aligned with our vision for AB Living.”

Developing a Luxurious Haven in Costa Mujeres

AB Living is meticulously crafting a luxurious enclave in Costa Mujeres, firmly establishing the region as a premier destination for discerning travelers in the Mexican Caribbean. Nestled just 25 minutes north of the Cancun International Airport, Costa Mujeres remains a hidden gem of Latin America, boasting natural beauty and pristine beaches shielded from sargassum by Isla Mujeres. With its favorable climate year-round and convenient air connectivity from over 247 cities worldwide, including major hubs like New York, Los Angeles, and Mexico City, Costa Mujeres offers an exclusive retreat for travelers seeking unparalleled experiences.

Enriching the landscape of Costa Mujeres is SHA Mexico, which debuted on January 26, 2024. Situated in Quintana Roo, this complex features 35 residences and 100 oceanfront rooms and suites, each offering breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea and luxurious amenities.

Adjacent to SHA Mexico, The St. Regis Costa Mujeres Resort & Residences is set to open its doors by the end of 2025. Designed by the esteemed Mexican architecture firm Sordo Madaleno, this property will comprise 160 rooms and 84 luxury residences, along with a variety of dining options, a spa, fitness facilities, and exclusive club amenities.

A short journey from Costa Mujeres leads to Almare, a Luxury Collection All-Inclusive Resort on Isla Mujeres, slated for a 2024 debut. This adults-only resort boasts 105 rooms, modern architecture, locally inspired interior design, multiple dining venues, and vibrant recreational facilities.

Looking ahead to 2026, JW Marriott All-Inclusive Costa Mujeres and W All-Inclusive Costa Mujeres are poised to elevate the region’s hospitality landscape further. Offering an array of dining options, swimming pools, and luxurious residences, these properties will be complemented by “The Village,” a central entertainment venue featuring world-class dining, event spaces, and retail offerings.

Expanding the Reach of SHA

The launch of SHA Mexico signals a significant milestone in the global expansion of the SHA brand, with plans underway for an additional location in the Emirates by 2025. In response to growing consumer demand for holistic wellness experiences, AB Living is strategically expanding SHA’s footprint, guided by careful consideration of location, climate, and accessibility.

Recipient of the “Live Your Best Life” award at the 2024 Condé Nast Traveller Spa and Wellness Awards, SHA Wellness Clinic continues to lead the way in transformative wellness experiences. With a team of world-renowned experts, SHA is committed to redefining integrated wellness practices and empowering individuals to live better lives through innovative health initiatives.

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