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Over 700 Delhi flights cancelled Jan 19-26 due to Republic Day air restrictions; travelers urged to check itineraries before travel.

Over 700 flights have been called off, both arriving at and departing from Delhi, during the period of January 19 to 26, owing to the limitations on air traffic related to the Republic Day celebrations. A recent advisory for pilots, updated on Friday, clarifies that there will be no flight operations at Delhi Airport from 10:20 AM to 12:45 PM (IST) during these dates, in line with the yearly practice for rehearsal of the flypast.

Delhi International Airport Ltd (DIAL) hasn’t provided specific numbers on the cancelled flights following this advisory update, but airline sources suggest the total might exceed 700. IndiGo, the nation’s leading carrier, is believed to have axed between 35 and 40 flights daily, amounting to around 300 in total. Vistara, another major airline, reportedly has around 25 daily cancellations, contributing to an additional 200. These two carriers alone are responsible for roughly 500 flight cancellations. Including Air India and other airlines, the estimated total reaches approximately 700, according to sources.

Furthermore, if dense fog envelops Delhi on these days, it could exacerbate flight delays. Typically, flight operations resume late morning on foggy days at the runway-limited Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA), and the accumulated delays and diversions from the previous night are gradually cleared by late evening. However, with the flypast rehearsals, nearly 2.5 hours of potential flight time during normally clear visibility will be unavailable. Travelers with flights to or from Delhi in this period are advised to check their itinerary and confirm their flight’s status with the airline before heading to the airport, as suggested by airline representatives.

An IndiGo spokesperson commented on the situation, stating, “In light of the airspace restrictions due to the Republic Day flypast rehearsals, there will be alterations to our flight schedule, including rescheduling and cancellations, between January 19 and 26. Passengers affected by these changes have been notified and offered alternative arrangements or refunds. We strongly encourage travelers to check their itinerary before traveling.”

Previously, an advisory issued on January 16 limited non-scheduled flights, primarily charters, at Delhi from 10 AM to 1:15 PM from January 19 to 25. According to the initial advisory, from January 26 to 29, this restriction was to be extended from 6 AM to 9 PM. However, the latest advisory from the Airports Authority of India also impacts scheduled flights, expanding the scope of the restrictions.

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